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Lao Souvenir

Coconut Shell Drinking Vessel

Coconut Shell Drinking Vessel

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Laotian Heritage Coconut Shell Drinking Vessel

Discover the charm of Laos with this handcrafted coconut shell drinking vessel, a symbol of Laotian ingenuity and a nod to sustainable living. Each vessel is carefully crafted, combining a naturally sourced coconut shell with a sturdy wooden handle, creating a durable and eco-friendly product.

Dimensions: 8 cm wide x 31 cm long Weight: 63 grams

This traditional piece serves as a functional drinking tool, reminiscent of the days when our ancestors turned to nature for their daily needs. Its lightweight design and natural materials make it perfect for enjoying a refreshing drink, just as it was done in olden times.

As a souvenir, it represents more than just a beverage holder; it’s a piece of Laotian history, a keepsake that carries the warmth and spirit of our land. Ideal for collectors, environmentally conscious individuals, or anyone with an appreciation for artisanal goods.

Bring a touch of Laos into your home or gift it to a loved one, and let this coconut shell drinking vessel be a conversation starter about the rich cultural tapestry of this beautiful country.

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