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Lao Souvenir

Eco-Friendly Lao Bamboo Coaster

Eco-Friendly Lao Bamboo Coaster

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Eco-Friendly Lao Bamboo Coaster

Elevate your dining experience with our Eco-Friendly Lao Bamboo Coaster. Crafted with care from sustainable bamboo strips, this coaster is not just a surface protector but a statement of elegance and environmental responsibility. With a diameter of 11cm and a height of 2cm, it’s the perfect size for any glass, mug, or cup.

Weight: A mere 22g, making it effortlessly portable and ideal for any setting, from casual to formal.

Design: The interwoven pattern is not only aesthetically pleasing but also ensures durability and stability for your drinkware.

Cultural Significance: Each purchase supports Lao artisans and helps keep traditional Lao handcrafts alive. This coaster isn’t just a practical item; it’s a piece of Lao heritage that supports local communities.

Use Case: Ideal for those who value artisanal quality and cultural authenticity in their home decor. It’s also perfect as a souvenir that carries the essence of Laos, offering a warm welcome to guests and a reminder of the country’s rich craftsmanship.


  • Dimensions: 11cm Diameter x 2cm Height
  • Material: 100% Natural Bamboo Strips
  • Craftsmanship: Handmade in Laos


  • Supports the livelihood of Lao people
  • Promotes sustainability and eco-friendliness
  • Keeps Lao handcrafts alive and thriving

Add a touch of Lao tradition to your table with this beautifully designed bamboo coaster, where functionality meets cultural charm.

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